How did LL Cool Beans happen?

L.L. Cool Beans is a character created by Morgan Wegner for an Interactive Storytelling class at UNL.

"My main goal and idea behind Mr. Beans was to create a fun, cute story that anyone could enjoy. Most of my student projects end up being pretty serious or have deep meanings behind them. I just wanted this to be a bright and quirky project that got away from the serious issues in the world."

- Morgan

Shown here are some of the sketches that led me to this final creation. It took a lot of hard work and thought. First I started out sketching a wireframe, and connected it to a list of each page with further details about them. Then, I drew thumbnails for each page to figure out how they should look. This made creating each page that much easier with a guideline. This project spanned over several weeks and was tweaked a lot to get to where it is today.